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If you are looking for a real alternative to placing your cat or cats in a cattery when you are away from home, then choose Home Comfort Pets.

Fully insured Discreet service in unmarked vehicles to ensure security of your home at all times.

As cat owners ourselves, we believe that because cats are territorial creatures by nature and stubbornly resistant to change, taking them out of their familiar environment can sometimes be stressful and confusing. In addition, cats do like to be comfortable and always have their favourite snooze spot, basket or chair to relax in. We are use to cats of all characters and temperaments and even though some may be a little grumpy or shy on day one because you are not there, we soon gain their trust through play and of course making sure they get their meals on time. Cats that we care for soon get use to us and don't get stressed. In our experience, cats who are cared for at home are happier and content simply because they are in familiar surroundings and are eating their usual diet. For long-haired cats, it is also important that they are groomed regularly. Our flexible visiting service can provide your cats with all the care and attention they need whilst you are away you choose the number of visits per day to suit the needs of your cat

We always make sure that we make a FREE Consultation visit to meet your cat and get to know them a little before you go away.
Another advantage is that our regular visits ensure that your home itself is being monitored and we will close/draw curtains, pick up post and put out bins to ensure that no-one is alerted to the fact that you are not at home.

We will visit your pets once or twice a day. We will feed and water them and ensure that they are happy and content. Included in pet visits we will pick up post, put out bins, water plants, feed garden birds and open and close curtains.

House check visits available if you don't have pets.

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